The Customs House Gallery also provides a bespoke framing service.

We offer a wide range of framing choices combined with a quality service that is competitively priced.


Our framing workshop is located within The Customs House Gallery, situated on Porthleven’s harbourside, offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Please take time to visit our workshop or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Tel: 01326 569365       Email: [email protected]

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Royal Navy WW2 Arctic Star and Russian Convoy medals

Military medal framingSigned Olympic sweatshirt framedSigned Arsenal F.C. shirt framedWedding sugar icing flowersFramed embroidery771 Squadron ace of clubs sheet metalFramed dictionary pages771 Squadron Search and Rescue photographsCanvas tray frameFloat mounted paper







771 Squadron Seaking aircraft print and badges



Military medals in a removable frameMosaic tray frame