Paul Hoskin is an ornamental metalworker from Cornwall. There are two main areas in which he works. Firstly art/craft work made mainly from steel and copper. This includes items such as candlesticks, clocks, mirrors and non-functional pieces. Then there is the more traditional gates, railings, general fabrication etc which he has produced for private customers, builders, churches, surgeries, shops and other businesses.

The majority of the art/craft work is ground steel and recycled copper with welded/braised detail which has been coloured by heat and then lacquered. 

Recently he has been experimenting with a brushed finish which is waxed and have made several abstract wall panels, a table and some nature inspired panels.

He likes the idea that everyday items that have come to the end of their ‘useful’ life and have been scrapped can be transformed into a desirable form. If that form can also hide the furious activity needed in its creation then even better.

The collection of work by Paul Hoskin that we exhibit at the Customs House Gallery changes frequently as each piece is so unique.  Please contact us should you wish to enquire about our current range.

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  • Copper bowls & candlesticks
  • Copper mirrors and clocks
  • Small copper wall decorations - fish, seahorses and birds